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Birth Certificate Access Policy

As at 1 August 2012 and subject to change without notice.

Type of AccessApplicantSpecific requirements

Historical Access

Anyone (must be 16 years of age or over).

For births 100 years old or more.

Family Access

Person named in the certificate (registered person).

Children under 16 years of age must have written consent from a parent named in the certificate.


Must be named in the certificate.

Non-parental custodian or guardian.

Document establishing legal custody or guardianship.

Spouse (including defacto but not former spouse or former defacto) Brother, Sister
Other relative - see also 'Other Agent'.

Restricted, unless the applicant can provide:
Written authority from the person or parent named in the certificate; or
Evidence that the person is deceased and spouse or defacto is named on the death certificate; or
Evidence that the certificate is required for some legal right or entitlement.

Access to original information from an adoption record.

Must have written authority from the Department for Community Development.

Deceased Estate Matter

Executor or Administrator.
Public Trustee.

Application must be on business letterhead, or must show evidence of applicant's executor, administrator, trustee status.


Government or non-Government Welfare Agency.

Application must be on business letterhead and must be acting in the interests of or with the written authority of the person named in the certificate.

Court - State or Federal


Application must be on Court letterhead or Court order provided.

Law Enforcement

Any Government body dealing in law enforcement e.g. Police, Anti Corruption Commission, Courts etc.

Application must be on business letterhead and must be made in pursuance of an investigation or preparation of a prosecution or pursuant to a valid warrant or Court order
(Does not include debt collectors or private investigators).

Medical Access

Medical organisations or government body requiring to contact persons with a potentially life threatening medical condition.

Applications must be made on business letterhead and referred to Registrar for consideration.
For general medical research enquiries refer to Registrar for consideration.

Government Bodies - Statutory Access

Any Government body having right of access under Federal or State legislation, eg Child Support Agency, Centrelink, Department for Community Development.

Application must be on business letterhead or approved form e.g. Child Support Agency verification form.



Application must be on business letterhead and Solicitor must be acting for a person entitled to access under 'Family Access' or 'Deceased Estate Matter' and subject to the same requirements.

Other Agent (including Consulates)

Any person with written authority from the person named in the certificate or a person entitled to the certificate as identified in this policy document.

Identification documents of the person named in the certificate or other person entitled to the certificate as stated under "Family Access".


Identification requirements

Additionally, prior to the issue of any certificate, original identification documents need to be shown at the Registry or Court counter. If applying by post, clear photocopied identification documents must be posted with your application. Do not post original documents.

Last updated: 12-Jul-2016

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